Monday, October 01, 2007

Making Ta-Da's from To Do's...

So many of our friends won't be able to make it to the party Saturday, but that is ok. The handful that will be here are dear to us and that is the important thing. It also takes a little pressure off.
We have finally put some pictures up on the walls here. A little Pearl Jam here, some Hendrix there and a few guitars on the wall. Hmm, think we like music?
Mike took the ramps and made a lovely step at the front door. Yeah!
He also listed the truck for sale in Auto Trader.
What did I do you ask. Uhm, what did I do? I think I did a little laundry but other than that I'm not real sure. Guess I better start pulling my weight around here this week.
Lets see, personal To Do's:
1. Finish all laundry
2. Finalize the party menu, make shopping list and do the shopping
3. Dust and vacuum, AKA- dust bunny wrangle and sneeze fest
4. Clean, clean, clean and oh yeah, clean
5. Get the oil changed in the Jeep before the engine falls out and have them clean it inside and out because it smells like old french fries
6. Finish The Watchmen, a graphic novel Mike gave me to read. I thought a graphic novel was a comic book but its not really. I've really enjoyed it and plan on reading more of them.
7. Go to the Botanical Gardens with friends on Wednesday and try not to think of all the stuff that I should be doing and enjoy myself.
That should just about do it. Now, its up to you to hold me accountable. I guess if I fail my punishment should be something really heinous like having to eat my muther's Snickerdoodle cookies or going through the line at the grocery with the checker that never shuts up and takes forever. This chick actually picks up things and asks what I'm going to make with it. She gives me the creeps.

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Ruth said...

Having to eat anything that comes from El Loco's kitchen is punishment! And we all know that no matter what it is, it will contain those funky dried cranberries! ;) Botanical Gardens sound like lots of fun!