Thursday, October 25, 2007

Haven't had much to say lately, still don't but what the hell here goes...
Yesterday my MIL came over to watch Gryffin while I went to the doctor for depression. After a long discussion- he actually spent 15 minutes just talking with me about my symptoms, we decided that I shouldn't go back to what I used last time. I need not only an antidepressant but an anti anxiety as well. So I'm trying a med I've never been on and hope that it will work out.
Since I had the luxury of a babysitter I also picked up our new elliptical trainer. Luckily the muscle-head at the shop was willing to load it up for me. Put those steroid biceps to use, Mungo! Now we have a really heavy, expensive box sitting in our garage. We still need to assemble it and that may have to wait awhile as Mike has a sinus infection and can barely make it to the couch when he gets home. Mike doesn't get sick often, but when he does- he does it up right. Poor guy. All I can do is just try and keep Gryffin from jumping on him.
I HAVE HAVE HAVE to get Gryffin's pirate costume fixed. He ripped it taking it off. My friends and their chill'en are meeting downtown tomorrow for Downtown Trick-or-Treating. Basically, all the cutesy shops are doling out sugar loot to the bespectacled beggars. Then of course, there is Halloween! Wednesday Gryffin will get more cavity makers from the neighbors and afterward I will join the Monday Mommy Posse to see Beqi's show in St Louis. Uhm yeah, I will be costumed for that. Don't ask what costume or what I will be but Beqi made the request that we all get 'slutted up'. I'm not real good at that. I don't like a lot of makeup, I don't have any cleavage and exude sex appeal like an Amish grandmother. There is something to be said for understated sexy though. Lets face it, the imagination is usually better than reality.
For not having a lot to say, I sure have rambled on. So much so that my coffee is cold and that, my friends, is a crime against all I know to be holy.

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