Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Knit one, drink two

Yeah! Mike was home a little before 6 last night, with card and roses in hand. Either I've really been really depressed or he's hiding a secret. Since I know which one of those options is true... my Dr's appointment is next Thursday. I'm going back on the meds. My fighting the mood isn't getting me anywhere. I can put on a game face and seem normal for a bit only to spend the night in tears. Not how I want to live.
Anyway, Mike crashed the dinner my friend Robin had invited Gryffin and I over for. Super yummy potato soup, salad and sandwich fixings. Anyone who puts bowls of cheese and crumbled bacon on the table will always rank high with me. After a little while, Beqi and the Eddies showed up. We cracked open the wine in celebration.
Before leaving I begged some knitting supplies off Robin. She knits really awesome things that just make so envious I could spit. She gave me Stitch N Bitch, the book she taught herself from, along with a set of needles and yarn.
After putting Gryffin down for the night I curled up on the couch and started to read. Ok, here it comes. Time to break out the needles and yarn. This looks easy. Hey, look at me, I'm knitting. Following directions, steady, steady. There! Wait a minute, this looks nothing like the cute, tidy little knots in the illustrations. I only succeeded in knitting a long succession of ugly knots. I pulled it all out and started again. Same result. One more time! One more knugly thing.
This morning I restarted with fresh eyes. Apparently my eyes weren't the problem. Yet another knugly, yes- I'm putting a patent on that word. Maybe I will just create a new way to knit or maybe I will stab myself through the brain with the needles or maybe I will just try to find a Knitting for Morons class. Or maybe I should just be thankful to have extraordinarily talented friends and pay them to make me things.

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