Friday, October 19, 2007

I would give just about anything to have a small fraction of the energy Gryffin does. He awoke at 8 this morning, still wearing his Spiderman gloves and clutching his Spiderman doll from last night. He came running over to me, reaching out and jumped in my arms. Now there is a great way to start the day. Especially since his jammies were dry.
There is a lot on the plate for today: laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping. Not that I will get all or even half done today. Mike said that maybe I should stop trying to micromanage my days and just take one thing at a time. What? Dude, do you even know me? Yeah, he does and I think he's right. I spend so much time planning that I never really accomplish anything. One thing at a time today, baby steps.

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Ruth said...

I have the same problem with planning things.. then the huge list that I have planned out so.. thoughtfully overwhelms me & very little gets accomplished! I am working on taking Baby Steps! :)