Saturday, October 13, 2007

Spiderman Saturday

Its chilly, overcast and perfect weather to curl up on the couch with a blanket and remote. Too bad that's a pipe dream when you have a two year old. However the reality isn't bad either, playing with said two year old and reading him books is pretty cool too.
Last night we went to the NEW Target. The closest one, until this week, has been a 20-30 minute drive down the highway into a really traffic congested town that only survives because its jam-packed with shops, malls and restaurants. No one actually lives there. Anyway, a Target finally opened up in our town and only about a 5 minute drive away. Yeah! Plus it has a bigger selection of just about everything.
We were perusing the $1 section, Mike spotted pairs of Superman and Batman socks for Gryffin while I spied some Spiderman gloves. Gryffin is obsessed with Superheros right now. He comes by it honest, Mike still wishes his real name was Bruce Wayne. Gryffin is also obsessed with gloves. Be it rubber cleaning gloves, Mike's old winter or work gloves or just a pair of socks shoved on his hands. When we got home I opened the Spiderman gloves and Gryffin just about danced he was so excited. So excited in fact, he insisted on sleeping in them.
This morning he is still wearing them and had to be reminded to take them off before submerging his hand in cereal and banana. That and he wanted to wear his Spiderman T-shirt today too. The kid is all boy. Which is exactly what I wanted.

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Robin Up the Street said...

I went to the new Target on opening day, and saw the Spiderman socks. I almost bought a pair for G.!