Monday, October 15, 2007

Today's Special: Ebola quiche!

Its Monday. Ugh, Monday.
I think I may have gotten 4 hours sleep last night, even after taking a sleeping pill.
Gryffin has his usual change of weather, night shattering cough that kept him up. So at least our miserableness didn't get lonely and we can be cranky together today. What joy we shall bring to playdate!
At about 3 this morning I thought that we just wouldn't go to Robin & Clara's house today, even though yesterday Gryffin declared his undying love for Clara Jane and demanded to go see her right then. A two year old Romeo stalker, just what Clara wanted for Christmas! Anyway, I didn't want any of the other moms to think that I was infecting their home and child with Ebola but then I realized that:
1. Gryffin doesn't have a fever
2. Other than a couple, he only coughs at night
3. He's up and playing like a tornado
4. He's had the night cough for over a week so if it were contagious they would already have blood coming out their eye sockets and be begging to eat a bullet.
He would long be over this but The Man decided to take away children's cold and allergy medicine because some toothless inbred couldn't read the freaking instructions and OD'd their kid on Benedryl. Stupid inbreds. I still have a small stash, but I'm hording it like my muther hordes old butter tubs. 'Cause its good Tupperware'. It might work a little better IF YOU WASHED IT OUT FIRST! Anyway, I digress.
Hording probably isn't the right term since just the mention of medicine makes him run screaming like a teenage girl faced with a snake. Or a grown woman, for that matter. It took Mike to hold flailing arms and legs while I shoved a little strip into his mouth last night. Since I'm on my own today I will probably lose a finger or two, but at least I won't have to make breakfast that way.

Good Neighbor Alert!
Yesterday Drunk Naked Guy trespassed into our back yard and shouted through our back door to let us know that Java got out twice and that he was kind enough to bring him back. Apparently, he wasn't sober enough to knock. At the same time Sara from next door came running over to the front door, and rang the bell like sane people, to let us know she just spotted Drunk Naked Guy in our back yard. She was checking on us to make sure we weren't all bloody and dead. Now, that's good neighboring, folks!

OK, up off the keester and in to the kitchen. I have to come up with something to make for playdate. I'm thinking a ham, broccoli and cheese quiche. I will let the Jedi mind power of the fridge lead me.

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beqi said...

Wierd. I had insomnia that night, too. It's a wierd mommy-no-sleep plague.