Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Park It!

Today we went to the Missouri Botanical Garden and had a blast. I must say, this morning I was not looking forward to this. Dreading it in fact. All I could picture was Gryffin running off yanking the heads off of pretty flowers, raising his head and giving his evil laugh. Only one plant ended up feeling pain and I made Gryffin apologize to it. Yeah, I'm one of those moms.
The following pictures were taken by new BFF, Mia. BFF, jeez I'm losing it. The exhaustion has officially set in. Anyway, thanks be to Mia for the great pictures because I'm a ding-bat and forgot the camera, again.
Lincoln Logs are even better when you can climb on them!
Ahoy, Matey! I be Pirate Poop Pants.


Gryffin is convinced that under every bridge lives an angry troll. Here he was trying to catch one.

Now, I won't include any of the pics where Gryffin and his friends Clara Jane, Little Eddie and at times Big Eddie ran amok in the water park. I realized too late that I had neglected to bring a spare change of clothes. So I went all hillbilly and stripped him down to his diaper and laid out the drippy duds to dry in the sun. I know, most of you would just love to see these but I am saving them for his first date, prom and his wedding reception. Evil, evil Mommy.


Robin Up the Street said...

We missed the steamboat entirely.

I didn't show your restraint in the photo department and I posted one of the hillbilly boys and my soggy daughter in the water park area.

Much fun today!

Maria said...

BFF?! Already? Why my dear, shouldnt you buy me dinner or something first?
It was great to hang out today!