Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I slept. Boy, did I sleep. There are few nights where I sleep through the whole night and last night was one of them. I don't know which exhaustion did it, physical or mental. Maybe both. Mike even had to tell me about Gryffin's 2 am demand for more milk. The kid is famous for coming to our bedroom in the wee hours, throwing his sippee into our bed and saying, "More milk" before trotting off to tuck himself back into bed. We hand him his demand, he rolls over and that's that. Man, did we luck out or what?!
Today is Day Out and Halloween costume preparation day. I have to fix Gryffin's and get mine together. I have a few options, all require shopping. I hate shopping. I'm hoping to get it over quickly and painlessly so I can maybe get some laundry done.
After Trick-or-Treating I'm heading out with the girlfriends to see Beqi's band at a club. We are all going in costume because: A. we refuse to grow up, B. we like being freaks anyway and this way no one gives us weird looks and C. we all need some fun. That and I think if we showed up sans costumes Beqi would threaten us with bodily harm. You don't mess with Beqi.
But right now, I've got to throw a lunch together for Gryffin and oh yeah, get dressed! Somehow I don't think the folks at Day Out would appreciate my jammies as much as I do. Especially since I refuse to match my PJ's and usually my ensembles would make a blind man cringe.

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