Friday, September 28, 2007

Party till the dust bunnies come home.

Don't worry, I haven't fallen off the edge of the earth. I have been sick. I won't go into details except to say that is not how I like to lose weight. I'm back now and have a long day ahead. Being sick is not conducive to keeping the laundry monster at bay, the fridge full or the dust bunnies wrangled. I'm also hoping to get Gryffin outside to enjoy the wonderful weather we have.
I need to get it all done today as this weekend there are other things around here that must get done. I am putting my foot down. Mike built these lovely ramps for Granny to make it easier to get in and out of the house. Obviously they are no longer needed but yet they remain. They make it look like old people live here and as we are mentally old, physically I think we can handle a couple of steps instead. Silly I know, but somehow they remind me that this isn't really our home.
We are on a big kick to spruce as for the first time, uhm-ever, we are entertaining just for the sake of entertaining. My only experience with hosting parties has been Gryffin's birthday where I just fussed with food and camera and spent most of the time trying to find places to hide because I don't deal well with lots of people in a small space. Small space no more! Our family room alone can sit 9 or 10.
Now I would love to be able to paint the family, dining and living rooms but my delusions of grandeur have to do with winning the lottery not killing myself. I would also love to get some bar stools, stock a bar and have a spread of grub that would make Martha blush but again- not into self destruction. I took the cheap/lazy way out and put a big BYOB on the invites and am planning a chicken chili, jambalaya and easy finger food buffet. Good thing we don't know any fancy people 'cuz we'd make 'em feel as uncomfortable as a fart in a crowded elevator.
Dianne has agreed to take Gryffin for the night so there won't be much entertainment, other than the diverse group of people we know. Sometimes diversity is good, other times it only results in a Jerry Springer Show like eruption. Although, the one really questionable gent we know is unable to make it so I'm pretty sure Jerry will get the night off.

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