Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Beautiful day for a headache

We opened up the house yesterday. The temperatures have dropped below Satan's comfort level and is now where we like it, chilly. I was planning on taking Gryffin to the zoo today but I awoke about 5 am with an axe between the eyes headache. Maybe more coffee will help. Heck, that is a remedy I'm always willing to try!
It came to our attention a few days ago that an old friend/coworker was looking for a place to live. She came and looked at our old house and thought it perfect. She really liked that the bathroom was big enough for her hair, and thats saying something folks and that the back yard was big enough for her five dogs. Yup, five. Ok, so I wouldn't be real thrilled with living next to that many dogs, but I've met them several times and aside from a hello bark they are pretty mellow. We told her what price we were asking and she wasn't put off so things were looking good until the city government decided to stomp on our toes. In the city of B'ville you cannot own more than three dogs without applying for a special zoning permit. I don't know what her thoughts were on this after Mike told her but I really don't expect her to buy our house now. It was like being adrift on a raft, seeing land in the distance and then realizing it was only a mirage. But we are still going to keep paddling. Through this whole experience we have learned that renting it out is not an option as our insurance would skyrocket and that we now know exactly what we would ask for it, which is a good 10 grand less than any other house in the neighborhood that is for sale right now. Silver lining, don't blind me.
Anyway, off to down more pain killers and coffee. It is the breakfast of champions, isn't it?

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Ruth said...

Sorry to hear that you have a monster headache today. NO FUN! We are diggin' the cooler weather, too. It's making me want to get busy baking up lots of goodies in the kitchen! :) Hope that you will feel better soon. :)