Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mike has a meeting tonight that is scheduled for 24 hours. We are both hoping it doesn't last that long. With the big merger/buyout/sellout/fiasco his company is going through we hope/pray/beg that he has a job in the end.
The weather is grey and misty today. Funny, that's exactly how I feel. Yesterday was playdate and it was a good one. I had really struggled with whether I would go because of my attitude but Gryffin was begging to go to Clara Jane's. He had a great time and I did too. I always do. Sitting around eating until my eyes explode and laughing with friends does wonders. Robin was kind enough to invite us over for dinner tonight. I'm glad of it since Mike most likely won't be here which means Gryffin will need a distraction. That and I get out of having to cook.
Its picture day at Day Out and me being slacker mom, I'm waiting for Gryffin's clothes to dry. I should've washed them last night but I was exhausted, we all were. After dinner we all sat down for a little Batman/Superman cartoon watching and promptly all fell asleep. Luckily, after his power nap, Gryffin was still willing to go to bed close to his regular time.
Other than a little cleaning, laundry and a run for dog food I think I will just relax.

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Anonymous said...

I hope the meeting goes well and NOT 24 hours.
I wish you were feeling better. . .