Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Motorcycles and Mary Janes

So the only real thing I accomplished from yesterday's list was finishing The Watchman. I also started Batman: Year One. For any of you that know my husband, Batman is his hero. He wants a Batman tattoo, he must drink his weekend coffee out of his Batman cup and I swear, if they made Batman underwear in his size he would wear those too. He is a geek and I absolutely love him for it! It enables him to always remain in touch with his inner child and enjoy things on a completely different level than most.
Another reason I love my husband... he bought me the coolest dress from my pal Beqi, http://www.beqiclothing.com/index.html. Its a red spaghetti strap dress with an empire waist and the coolest pattern of pinup girls on motorcycles all over it. I plan on wearing it at our party Saturday with a little 50's style cardigan and some Mary Janes, if I can find a pair. Weird, used to be the only shoes I owned were Mary Janes. And no, I wasn't 6. More like 26.
Yesterday was spent with the usual Monday Sanity Session at Robin's. We all needed it. Amazing how one day a week can greatly improve the disposition of kids and mom's alike.
Today no goofing off for me. First, get Gryffin and myself ready to face the world, take him to Day Out and me to get the Jeep attended to. Then home to do some laundry and clean. A few days without vacuuming and the dust bunnies are multiplying like, well- bunnies. Then there is also the job of scouring the Internet and cookbooks for some good party grub. My life is rough, people.

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