Friday, October 26, 2007

Plans change...

So the Downtown Trick-or-Treating was cancelled due to none of us being dumb enough to drag our kids out in costume in the cold, wet, nasty weather. Selfish, I know. But we all still wanted to get together and have some fun. I came up with the idea of decorating pumpkins together. Everyone is coming over tonight to paint, glue, cut, color, feather and sparkle some poor, Innocent pumpkins. I'm making some soup, setting out some sandwich fixings and calling it a party. Another party?! I don't know if its having a bigger house or having friends or both, but either way I'm going to turn pro. Look out Martha! Instead of all sweater set wearing and pretentious I'll be sweatshirt wearing and realistic.
I've got a big plastic tub filled with googly eyes, pipe cleaner, glitter glue, sheets of construction paper and foam and I'm not afraid to use them! Lay tarps over the floor and bring on the unsuspecting squash 'cause its gonna get messy. I'm thinking the kids might even enjoy it too. If they don't, I have plenty of candy to make them smile.

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