Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wells Fargo, a well of uselessness and ineptitude

Again, I cannot say it enough... Wells Fargo sucks! You would think a big company like that would have the ability to stop payment on a check they issued in error. Oh noooooooo, they want me to cash it or mail it back to them. Either of these could potentially open a big ol' can of worms- for me, not them.
I am not a stranger to filing with the BBB. I firmly believe in it. Eventhough last time it got me a phone call from the police wondering who the crazy hispanic man ranting at their station was. He didn't like the report I filed on him and was trying to press charges against me for it. Hee hee hee, now I can laugh- then it was not funny. I wonder if he tried to press charges against all the others that filed too because there were several. Anyway... I looked up on the BBB site for filing info on WF and they had a number of someone to call at the company before filing to help resolve the issue. I called, we will see if the @#$%'s actually call back though.
You know its bad when a company has gotten so big they can't even communicate within their own departments and aren't even provided direct numbers or addresses for their own departments. Hmm, you think that might relate to government as well?
You're right, I'll stop before I get all political. God forbid I get in a worse mood.

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