Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This morning we went to the park and played. But what else can you do at a park? Gryffin had a great time running rampant. We played tag under a big pavilion of picnic tables, he went down the slides and climbed all over the play set. I tried to teach him how to use the pedals on his tricycle, but he wasn't all that interested. Then he decided to climb a tree. Pictured below. He wasn't very successful but I'm sure in a year or two he will have that little boy past time mastered. When he was too tired to run and his hair dripping with sweat he looked up at me with those big browns and muttered, "Mama, home please." I think he was worn out, although you couldn't tell by the way he is singing in his crib! Go to sleep little boy, there will be more playing when you wake up. Thats a Mama promise!

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