Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Paris for President

Did anyone else let out a gasp at the news that Paris Hilton found God in jail? You would think He would live in better quality diggs than that but hey, who's going to question the Big Guy. But she did say that she is going to put the dumb act away. If that was an act, I'm really a blond.
Why should I even be subject to such drivel when I log on to a news site? Is this really news? Does anyone with and IQ greater than two digits really give a flying fart? The really sad thing is, I bet more people are interested in reading this crap than finding out who the presidential contenders are. They can't name a single candidate but know the names of Paris's dogs. Holy crap, how did I know she has dogs? Ugh- the dumb is contageous! No more news, I can't stand to lose IQ points.

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