Monday, June 25, 2007

Instant Rock Star- just add sugar.

I slept like a log last night. I didn't even have to move to the couch because of Mike's snoring. Not that he didn't snore, I was just too tired to move. Even Gryffin slept pretty well with no 4:30 out of milk screaming fits.
Today is laundry day. Not even much of that to do, I think two loads. Maybe I can get next door and vacuum out the kitchen cabinets. We will see.
I do have to make a quick run to the grocery. I forgot to tell the babysitter that we dilute the heck out of Gryffin's apple juice. She gave him the 100 proof stuff, no wonder he was pinging off the walls last night. All that sugar mixed with a popsicle before bed ain't a good idea. About 30 minutes after we put him to bed Mike started hearing things bang and springs boing. When he opened the door Gryffin had trashed his bed like a rock star. Everything, sheet, pillow and case, stuffed animals, was on the floor and he was doing summer salts on the mattress. I had my ears out and was in the bath and missed all the fun.

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