Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Last night we found a color for the kitchen. Mike and I both hate light/baby blue. It seems that every house we move into had previous owners who knew of no other colors. Argh. The counters in the new kitchen are, yup- you guessed it- blue. They have little flecks of greys so I wanted to bring out the grey and minimize the blue. The color we chose for the walls is a Confederate Blue. Meaning, its blue but has a lot of grey in it. Its a blue we can live with, that doesn't feel cold like most blues. During Gryffin's nap I started the cutting in- least favorite of all painting tasks. It does look really good with the counters and the light cabinets. Most people would never choose a darker color for a kitchen, but I look better in dark rooms. Especially if the lights are off. Hee hee hee. It does what we wanted it to do and tones the blue counter tops down. I'm hoping to get at least the first coat done today.
Tomorrow a guy I met at Lowe's is coming over to give an estimate on some work that needs to be done. I'm hoping he is not a shyster or reminiscent of psycho flooring guy. He seemed nice enough and I can't find anything bad about his company on the BBB site. He specializes in repo'd homes and remodels. I'm pretty sceptical of fix-it people. Heck, I'm still waiting for an estimate from a BIG local plumbing company. They were to deliver it no later than Monday. I guess big or small, anyone who comes to your house to do anything is iffy. We will see.
Tonight's mission, should we choose to accept it, is second coat on Gryffin's room, first coat in kitchen and at least 1 step in prepping the tiles. If caught all members of our team will be dissavowed. This message will self destruct in ten-nine-eight....

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