Friday, June 08, 2007

Its Friday, that in and of itself is reason to celebrate.
Our home inspection for today was cancelled by the city. I'm not complaining. It will be easier to do without us still living here so I rescheduled for next month. At least, I hope we aren't still living here by then.
Gryffin has, I guess, begun potty training. Not really anything Mike and I did, he kind of decided to start all on his own. I did realize the biggest drawback though. What am I supposed to do when he wants to go on the potty and we aren't at home? Sorry, but I can't hardly bring myself to use a public bathroom let alone let my son who cannot master the fine art of hovering until he's mastered the fine art of sitting. We certainly aren't stressing that Gryffin use the potty. When he wants to he does and when he doesn't we change a diaper. Most kids at two are still affraid of the potty so I guess I've got it pretty easy. Yet another reason to be one and done!
This weekend is a working weekend for us. If the weather holds, Mike will start on the fence while I clean and paint. If the weather doesn't hold I will have help painting. We don't really paint well together, different styles same result. That and he is anal. Just kidding dear- you are a perfectionist. Me? Slap it on, make sure there aren't any drips or streaks and call it done. Mistakes are the reasons people hang stuff on their walls, right?

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