Monday, June 04, 2007

Star gazing...

Let's face it, my head is often in the stars so wouldn't is be cool if I could see where I'm going? Now I can! I found the Meade My Sky at while surfing and this thing is pretty cool. Its a personal video planetarium. You just point and shoot and get a multimedia guide to the universe. This thing is straight out of Star Trek! It looks a lot like a radar gun but won't get you in as much trouble. What I really couldn't believe was that it is so affordable, especially with the free shipping. The specs are incredible: and LCD screen with 480x234 pixel full color display, 256 Megabyte SD storage card, 12 channel GPS receiver and only takes 4 AA batteries. Meade also makes a whole family of cool gadgets from binoculars to telescopes and even night vision and flashlights.

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