Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pulling nails with a power drill...

I was next door pulling nails from the walls today when I realized that there were hardly any nails. The only nails in the walls were the ones Mike put there to hang Granny's pictures. The rest- and there are many, are screws. Yup, big ginormous screws in plaster. The old lady and her even older mother who lived there must have hung anvils from their walls. Wouldn't surprise me, they were a little creepy. I have to break out the power drill to get these things out. Then I have to buy a gallon of putty to fill them. There is one in the guest bath Gryffin could get lost in. I just don't understand people, don't even want to try. I will just shake my head and say, "Thanks Dumba$$es for making me look a lot smarter!".

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