Saturday, June 02, 2007

So Discover card called and personally thanked us for keeping them in business. Of course I said, "You're welcome- bite me". But now we have the startings of a chainlink fence for the new house and three plants that I will probably kill within a few weeks. Its a good thing people and dogs have better communication skills than house plants because if I just had droopy, brown leaves to go off of everyone around here would go pretty fast. I won't feel too guilty about it though, these are replacements for outside plants so technically, Mother Nature off'ed them.
We also picked up a tub and tile paint kit for the guest bath over there. Sorry folks, but just the thought of having da-glo peach and blue tiles in my abode's camode makes me queezey. I figure even if this stuff looks like crap at least it will be in the appropriate room for crap and will still look better than tile reminiscent of those ceramic ducks on acid from the 80's everyone had adorning their kitchen. Reading through the directions of this stuff and all the prep needed it might be easier to just gut and retile, but that can't be done for less than $100 bucks.
Mike just told Gryffin that he hopes the stinker demons that he is possessed by vacate by morning. Yup, thats my cue to play relief pitcher and close the inning with a clean diaper, story and blanket tucking.

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