Monday, June 04, 2007

Love that PPP

You may have noticed that I am now a PayPerPost postie. That means I get paid to do what I am already doing, blogging about what I think/find/love/hate, etc. I haven't been with PayPerPost long but I've already made over $30. I love the fact that it has been so easy. I search around for what I want to write about, write about it and get paid. They make it so user friendly and I have even made a few friends at it. I know the money may not be enough to retire on -yet, but I'm definately going to keep plugging away. Hmmm, lets see $30 can get me a new pair of shoes, some books, paint for the new house or maybe something really fun like a night of babysitting and a movie with my husband. Now that is worth so much more than $30!
Try checking it out:
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