Monday, June 11, 2007


Mike and I were both glad it was Monday, as we could use the rest. 13 post holes dug, manually. 13 posts set in concrete. Luckily we only had to put up posts on three sides as we are attaching the new fence to the old one on the shared side of the yard between the new and old houses. Lets just hope the buyers want a fence. I finished cleaning out the basement then I scrubbed the H E double hockey sticks out of the guest bath- again. I finally broke through the last couple layers of yuck and the poor tub, the original from the 40's has no shine left to it and will never really feel clean and smooth. But I can tell you, its clean. As clean as it will ever get. I even scrubbed the grout lines on the floor to where they look nice. Note to owner before Granny- Why in the world would you 1. replace the floor tiles but leave the hideous wall tiles and 2. use WHITE grout?! White grout on floors is just asking for trouble. I wasn't able to get it back to white but its now a pale beige. I can live with that. After I finished I helped Mike with the concrete. We finished up, took the babysitter home (she worked out great, by the way), returned unused bags of concrete to Lowe's and had enough money from it to get take out. Which was good because I was in no shape- mental or physical- to cook.
Mike is hoping to get the top of the fence installed after work this week so this weekend he can string the chain link. Then we have to install the No-Dig because Java is a scoundrel. No-Dig is just chicken wire buried a couple inches below the ground. Then some landscape timbers between the posts and attached to the bottom of the fence and even Houdini himself couldn't get out of our backyard. We did decide that maybe painting the whole house is a little too much to expect before moving, so its just the guest bath and Gryffin's room that we are going to do. The other rooms can wait and we will do one or two whenever Dianne can babysit Gryffin overnight. Besides, there is still a few jobs at the old house that need to be done to get it market ready. Easier to do that when we aren't living here.


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