Thursday, June 28, 2007

Today started off pretty well but now I want to punch something.
For the life of me, I can't find a decent (non-hideous) chandelier for the dining room that costs less than $300. Sorry Lowes, sorry Home Depot I ain't rich and even if I was, I'm not dumb. Speaking of Home Depot, yikes! I went there for the first time in a long time today in search of the above mentioned and nearly had an anxiety attack. The rows were narrow and stacked to the ceiling and there were so many light fixtures crowded together over my head I almost fell over backward trying to distinguish one from another.
Then I came back to peel the tape off my stellar kitchen paint job. Not so stelllar. Apparently non-paintable caulk had been used everywhere so when I pulled up the tape the paint came with it. Now I have to go back and touch up nearly all the walls that are connected to the counters. Then in spots the paint bled through the tape so I have to touch up the trim and then the 'I thought they were wood' cabinets turned out to be cheap laminate and the tape pulled off some of the finish. Holy crap, can I go to bed now? I still have to figure out what I'm going to do about that. Now I'm taking a knife to the paint to help the tape come off cleanly. All the while restraining the urge to find the previous owner and pop her eyes out with a spoon because 1. she passed the cabinets off as solid, real wood. 2. She textured the walls in the kitchen like most people texture a ceiling. Impossible to keep clean. 3. She put phone jacks on every wall. Cordless woman, you only need one! 4. She bragged about doing all the work to the house herself- not brag worthy work let me tell you. 5. And most importantly, when I ran into her in the grocery last weekend she farted the whole time and they really stunk. It was all I could do to not cover my nose and tell her the Gas-X was isle 4.

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