Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What did you say?

Just got back from the hearing center. Shor-nuff, I'm going deaf. It will get progressively worse unless I do something now. Something about some nerve that if not used goes dormant- blah blah doctor babble. Anyway, in about 2 weeks I get to pick up my new car. I mean, hearing aides. I got confused since they cost about the same. But it will be worth it to be able to hear my son and husband. Other people too but I'm still going to use selective hearing on certain people. Hey, now when someone I don't want to hear comes around I'll just switch them off! They did throw in some pretty cool upgrades for free (yeah right). They will have settings for special environments. So I can hear over distance, like when Gryffin is playing at the park, or extreme noise, for the Police concert coming up all with a push of a button. The worst part, other than the bill, was getting the impressions taken. I hope they got that right the first time because I may need to be sedated for the next one. Or maybe I could just get sedated for the heck of it!

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Ruth said...

Sorry about the financial cost, but the other benefits will far out-weigh it in the long run. I need a setting for tuning out El Loco, too!! ;) Oh yeah.. I vote for some elective sedation myself--I'm more than ready for my epidural!