Wednesday, April 18, 2007

High-tech hippies of the future.

Morning came long before I was ready for it. That just means that I will make another cup of coffee and pry my eyelids open with duct tape. Isn't the shiny eye look back in style?
Anyway, I was glad to learn that my friend Catherine over at isn't a sock & Birkenstock hippy. Just an enviornmently conscience mom. Not that I don't think you would look bad in hippy dresses, Catherine. Afterall, I'm sitting here in one of my old Greatful Dead t-shirts wondering where I put that old Simon & Garfunkle album. I may have to try that dishwasher detergent recipe. I haven't found one yet that can get the gunk scraped off without scratching up my glasses. And I refuse to rinse dishes first, if I do that I might as well just wash them by hand. (check out her site for the recipe)
Mike was reading the brochure for my new ears when he looked up and asked, "Did you know that these were Bluetooth compatible?". Me being the highly intelligent and technologically advanced person that I am said, "Yes... what is Bluetooth?". While he explained it to me all I could think is that I don't want anything that will make my teeth blue. I don't know if I will ever use that feature but I sure am excited about being able to hear what people are saying behind my back. Hee hee hee.
Allright, butts growing roots and the coffee is not empty but too cold soooooo... to quote my fave movie- "I'm off like a prom dress!"


cdorsey said...

Too funny.

I'm so excited about your new ears!!! YAY - - and although I don't know what blue tooth is, I'm sure my teenaged daughters could give us both an education.


Ruth said...

Did Mike explain blue tooth to you? The only reason I know what it is would be thanks to your brother.. although if it's built into your hearing aids, you won't look like any of the idiots walking around with the Borg lookin' implant in one of their ears! ;)