Sunday, April 15, 2007

Monday cometh...

Another weekend, gone too fast. Today was nice, peaceful, quiet, during Gryffin's nap. The rest of the day was evenly divided between toddler tantrums and toy trashing. He got ALL of his toys out. The toys covered the floor, all of them. Thats ok, he had a good time.
Tonight for dinner I made fried chicken, cole slaw, tomatoes and masked taters. Mike was quite pleased at the spred. I don't think I will ever be able to fry chicken and not think of Granny. Several years ago Mike and I went to Ohio to visit, and to steal her fried chicken recipe. First she taught us how to cut up a chicken, can we say HACKSAW. We didn't do too good. She kept telling me I was going to cut a finger off. Today her prediction almost came true. While parting out the chicken I sliced into my middle finger pretty bad. It just wouldn't stop bleeding, but it finally did and is now bandaged. Mike in the mean time finished my chop job of the chicken. He did really well.
He also helped me divide all the meat I bought at Sam's. He is such a good kid, I think I will up his contract in June. He is currently ironing work shirts for the week while I sit here trying to ignore that big pile of laundry on the kitchen table. Its taunting me. I can hear that little voice whispering "Fold me, fold me". I guess I really should, hey maybe a glass of wine will help me enjoy it. If I make the glass big enough it will make me not care that I'm doing something I really hate.

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cdorsey said...

Wish I would have been there for dinner. All of my kids are still gone and I have been LAZY! Last night my husband said, "Why don't you go to town and get a pizza?" You don't have to ask me twice. As we were sitting at the table he said, "Why don't we have any food." BUSTED...oh well, my vacation is over!