Thursday, April 19, 2007

First guns and now cheese

Last night we had "School Lunch Night". If you ever went to public school and ate cafeteria food you will remember that every Friday was the same. Fish sticks, macaroni and cheese and lima beans. I fix this regularly but not always on Friday. For the past couple years I have refused to use the Velveeta Shells and Cheese that we loved so much because I made the mistake of reading the ingredient list. Anyway, I have been searching up and down for a good, easy and fast recipe for mac-n-cheese. I have tried several from various on-line recipe sites and gagged on all of them. Last night was different. I made Alton Brown's stove top mac-n-cheese. Quick, easy, inexpensive and yummy. I didn't add the hot sauce or mustard- ooooey and the only thing I would change is the kind of cheese. He calls for sharp cheddar but it turned out too sharp so next time I think I will use mild and maybe some mozzarella. Check out for the full recipe as my fingers are tired and I'm procrastinating putting the groceries away.

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