Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bone to pick...

With recent events at VTech, if you don't know what I'm talking about I envy you, I just wanted to express some of my opinions.
Gun control is not the issue. Mental health is. This kid was troubled and needed help. Now, I'm not saying he was a victim, he was a murderer. However, students and teachers were continually bringing attention to the fact that this kid needed help. He had stalked two female students, he was taking questionable pictures of females while in class and two of his teachers were distrubed by his graphic and violent writings. It was quite evident and documented that he was suicidal. If a person wants to kill themselves they have no concern for life- period. How about we stop talking about the tool he used and start talking about what made him use it. Hind sight is 20/20, so lets look to the future and improve this country and the issues that really matter.
Also, the media are Satan's minions. They show images that no one should want to view. They make this kid out to be some kind of hero to all those other kids out there that feel like outcasts. They bombard us with their propaganda. Yes, terrible things happen in this world but do we need to concentrate so heavily on the bad but not the good? I need to be informed of world events not drowned in them. State the facts. If they want to ramble and try for higher ratings how about bringing the focus on what can be done now. Why don't they point out the fact that current governments, national and local, waste millions of dollars that could be put into health care, including mental health. How about they provide the common folk with names and address of who in government to petition for changes. Why don't they have any concern for the victim's and their families? Leave these poor people alone. Haven't they been through enough without being harrassed by reporters?
Another point and then my ramble will be over. This should teach us that being a parent should be job #1. Not the job being number one and being a parent number two. Society needs to stop spending on the status symbols of fancy cars, homes and designer clothes and start investing in their family. You constantly hear that you should invest in your future, why not invest in your childs. Not with money, but with what really matters to children- your time and love. This government spends a lot of money on teaching inmates how to be more productive to society- even ones that will never again be part of it. Why don't they spend money on providing parenting skills, child psychology and communication classes to those who aren't draining the economy? Why not take everyone on welfare and teach them the skills they need to contribute to society? Why don't we change this world now! One person at a time, starting with ourselves.
(this rant is the opinion of the writer and is not necessarily shared by everyone. take it for what it is and don't get your panties in a bunch. whether or not you agree you are welcome to comment- if you are nice! meanies will be deleted and added to my voodoo doll collection as well as put on my naughtly list for Chirstmas.)


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cdorsey said...


My husband was listening to me read this and doesn't want his name taken off the Christmas list so WE AGREE WE AGREE!!!

Just kidding..but seriouly well said! I agree wholeheartedly and my husband's head was bobbing in agreement throughout. Now, if just everyone else will listen and make changes!


P.S. Hope Gryffin keeps his kidney today :)