Monday, April 30, 2007

Could an asparagus spear through the heart kill a politician? Nope, they don't have hearts.

Yesterday was really nice and low key in comparison to Saturday. We all made a morning trip to the grocery after a gourmet breakfast of frozen waffles. Then a little lunch and nap for Gryffin while Mike mowed the yards and I worked a bit next door- after a bike ride of course. Then some play time and on to dinner. We had bratwurst, salad and asparagus. Not just asparagus, grilled asparagus. Not just grilled asparagus but bacon wrapped grilled asparagus. I could have just had that for dinner it was so good. Here's what I did: I bundled the trimmed asparagus spears in about 1" bundles and wrapped each in a slice of bacon, securing with a couple toothpicks. Then Mike put them on the grill until the asparagus was tender but still had a little crunch, nothing worse than mushy veggies. This time I used thick cut bacon, next time I think I will use the thinner stuff so it will get a little more crispy. That and its a heck of a lot cheaper. Speaking of, I think Mike got sticker shock at the grocery. I've challenged myself to $50 grocery trips for the week but I don't think that is a realistic goal anymore. Between milk and produce we spent more than that. And those aren't things you can (or should) cut back on. I guess I'm just going to have to start dragging myself out of bed early on Saturdays and heading out to the farmer's market When I lived in the city and was a vegetarian I could eat for about $10 a week from here. They have awsome selection and great prices. Its probably the only place around here where you can buy just the amount you need, in just the size you need while listening to street musicians and having a beer and a fresh doughnut. Mmmm, love those midwest breakfasts! Unfortunately its just too cold to go there in the winter. I'm not a cold weather person- at all!
Mike thinks that with the cost of healthy food versus cheap fill your gullet food the government is secretly hoping to kill off a bunch of baby boomers from heart attacks and high blood pressure. He read a study that gave you the cost per calorie of various foods. It found that you could only buy a third of the calories if you ate healthy than what you could buy of cheap preprocessed, fat laden crap. Maybe the government is trying to kill off the population so that only politicians will be left. The flaw in their theory- who will pay their salary and retirement? Ok ok, I won't get started on politics. The weather is too nice to get pissy. Besides, my coffee is getting cold anyway.

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cdorsey said...

I agree. A couple of years ago, I started shopping by the grocery game philosophy ( However, I noticed that we were eating more pre-made, boxed items and less fresh, healthy items. I ditched that and am back to scratch.

AND...I am SO LUCKY as a farmer's market just opened up about 10 miles from my house!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!