Thursday, February 07, 2008

America the dumb.

You know its a sad state of the country when you turn on a national morning news show and are bombarded not by news that's important but 'news' of Brittney Spears, Heath Ledger and Paris Hilton. Who the hell cares?! There is a war and a pending election. There are tornadoes and snow storms, heck there are even some feel-good, happy stories that could be told. No, I get to hear about stupid celebrities and their stupid behavior. I get to know more about the psychological status of attention hungry morons than of the state of the economic stimulus plan. This country is getting dumber by the minute thanks to the media. Its not enough that the public school system is a joke, health care is inept and the economy is in the toilet. No, they have to concentrate on catering to the Jerry Springer watching, People magazine reading crowd and perpetuate ignorance.

Disclaimer: Blogspots spell check isn't working so please forgive my own ignorance when I forget to put the I before the E or the sometimes Y rule.


Ruth said...

I agree! That's why(well.. besides the fact that we want our kids to enjoy being kids before they have to face all that is bad in the world) we don't watch the news at our house. I get my news online.. then you can sift through the crap.

beqi said...

I just make up my own news in my head. The one where the president comes down with a fatal case of crabs, and Joey Ramone is still alive. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'd add the candidates, all of them, to the celebrities and their stupid behavior- all want/need to "peretuate ignorance".
What IS all that "I before E" stuff about? chuckle

Anonymous said...


Brian said...

They have CNN on here in the break rooms, and I saw yesterday the announcer saying something along the lines of "We thought today the big story would be the results of Super Tuesday or the stock market, but we're getting word that we're going to get the results of Heath Ledger's autopsy, so lets go to that." Said like this was a good thing. What a waste.

Jill said...

How many years has it been since they discontinued the news on the 24-hour 'news' channels?? How sad.

In my opinion, the only news out there worth watching is the McNeil/Lehrer News Hour, on channel 9 at 6:00, weekdays. It's the only program with in-depth coverage on real stories. They do talk quite a bit about politics, but at least they let the politicians speak in their own words for an extended interview, instead of just hearing 20-second sound bites you get everywhere else.