Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So anyone who has read my blog more than once knows that I don't like my mother and refer to her as egg-donor, El loco or albatross. Don't get all judgemental, she has earned every nickname and a few more that couldn't be repeated on national TV (and sometimes cable). She gives relatives epileptic seizures, migranes and nausea. She creates stress and frustration in her wake. She thrives off of chaos and drama and is only happy when she is as miserable as she makes everyone else.
Last night she came to visit Gryffin. I tried to ignore her as much as possible without leaving her alone in the room with my son. In her sugar coated shit way she bad mouthed people I love and swore that no one cares about her. She's kind of right. I don't really care about her even though I stocked her up on homemade frozen food (as per her request) and am going to have to get up at 5am Monday to drive her ass all over hell's green acre so she can get surgery. I don't care about her but I'm spending the day at a hospital waiting on her sorry butt instead of being at home with my son and husband. Why am I doing this when I don't care about her? Because I care about my family, the family that would have to go through more hell on her part if I didn't. They go through enough as a result of her so this is the least I can do to show them that I love them (not her).


Ruth, Roger & Kids said...

You're an awesome sister! We love you & appreciate the ordeal that you are facing in taking El Loco to the hospital. You did a good job in describing(in general) how she makes everyone around her feel, too. Your efforts with the food prep & taking her are appreciated more than you can ever know. YOU ROCK! :)

Robin said...

Crazy bat. I'm sorry she's being her usual pain in the ass self.

I actually had a dream about her last night. You were being forced to go to church with her, and I went along for moral support. Everyone was expected to give her gifts to make up for the (imagined) transgressions. You made sure the sum total of the gifts was under $12.57.

Beqi said...

Whenever morons intimate that maternal instincts are inborn into female DNA, I want to lock them up with mothers like yours.

I figure they'll either see the error of their ways, or die of flesh-eating bacteria from her filthy house.

Anonymous said...

It's OK just let it go and tell us what you REALLY think of her.

Just don't get ME started.

Jill said...

Yeah, my mom & I had a definite problem until I told her that if she didn't adjust her negative, judgemental attitude, I didn't know how I could ever bring my children around her. What do you know, it worked.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind. You answered my question.

I don't really know what to say about these things. I know it can be frustrating!