Saturday, February 02, 2008

Wiggin' Out

No cute little headband is going to save my hair today. I either wash it, wig it or go all Brittney on it. Where I am tempted to shave my head, my husband would probably dissavow me. I would love to be able to just throw on a wig and go but unfortunately I didn't spend more than $30 on any of them, so they look like wigs. I guess I will just have to break down and wash it. There are worse thing to have to wash, like the kitchen which my wonderful husband is doing right now. Bless him!

If anyone is up for good art, craft, coffee & music come check this out tonight:
My friend Beqi is one of the vendors, . Her stuff is awesome and I could easily drop some serious buckage on her spring line. And the more you buy the more Bastard Scraps I can beg off her. Hee hee hee.

I'm going to be there with my meager allowance in hand ready to spend it all! So if you see a crazy redhead or some weird chic in a cheap black wig, come and say hi!

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