Monday, February 25, 2008

Lots to do!

Last night we met with our Realtor. Good news, we decided on a price to list at. Much less than we could've gotten just a year ago but hopefully enough to get it sold quickly. Bad news, the roof sprung a leak. Yup, more work, more money, more headaches. We have to wait to list it until its fixed, so I'm hoping we can find someone to do it this week. Also, everything needs a scrub and shine, the tub needs new caulk, it needs to be staged and of course, my glass studio needs to be moved out. This week will be a busy one for us. Our goal is to have it listed within 7 days.

Saturday was Curry Fest at Robin's. She made all sorts of Indian food that was so yummy I ate until I was in pain. The boys secluded themselves in the basement playing guitars, the kids ran rampant and the moms enjoyed glasses of wine and tattoo pens. Lets just say that temporary tattoo pen ink lasts longer on me than anyone else.

Today is play date and since I'm hosting I better get off my butt and get dressed.


beqi said...

Those tattoo pens don't come off for a day or so. At least now my hand no longer says "I love gin".

Although I do.

Robin said...

My tattoos have barely faded. I think the ink reacted with all the curry spices.