Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So the kiel basa didn't get done but the steak and bean soup did so I guess we will just have to have that for dinner instead. I made a double batch so there is plenty to eat and to freeze. I had such grand plans for the day: a bagel with Beqi at the coffee shop, an errand, a few much needed phone calls and cleaning. I got the first done, came home talked to Mike, ate lunch and proceeded to fall asleep. Crap. Not good timing since the albatross/egg donor is coming tonight to visit Gryffin. I was counting on Mike continuing to feel better, come home on time and helping do a quick dust and vacuum but that's not going to happen. Funny thing but every time the albatross is planning a visit things get very busy for him an hour before he is scheduled to leave so he has to work late. Hmmm, I think I'm starting to get that he doesn't like her.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm a little dim, is the egg donor your mother? That's funny that he has to work late every time she visits. Well, I suppose it's not funny for you. I hope the visit went as well as expected.