Friday, February 08, 2008

Will Vote For Food

Yesterday I went grocery shopping. It hurt. Usually I spend about $50 a week, $60 when I splurge. Today it was $75! I didn't splurge, I even skipped my bottle of wine and soda. Unloading all the groceries, I tried to figure out why it cost so much. It came down to milk, fruit and veggies. When milk is at $4 a gallon and you go through three sometimes four gallons a week it adds up. Broccoli is at almost $2 for a small bunch, green beans were about the same price for a pound and green peppers were a $1 a piece! I did buy some frozen veggies that were on sale for a buck a bag but not all veggies are good frozen. Some just turn mushy and gross. I won't even get started on the price of fresh fruit other than to say, its a good thing Gryffin likes bananas because they are the only fruit I could get without selling stock.
Now I'm all for saving the environment and becoming less dependant on oil but the whole corn based fuel thing is bunk... my grocery bill proves it. When it becomes more profitable for farmers to grow food for a gas tank rather than food for humans or cattle everything you ingest will become more expensive. I can't blame the farmers, they are just trying to keep their own families fed. If I had to narrow it down to just one person to blame it would be (drum roll please) W. Now I'm not going to get all political and preachy. I'm just going to say that voting should be done and researched. Don't just choose a candidate because they are pro-life or pro-choice, that battle has been fought, its done, its over. Don't choose a candidate because they are in the party you chose to be affiliated with, that is just a label and labels don't mean much. Don't choose a candidate because they are more or less religious than the next guy, or girl. Religion doesn't belong in politics- separation of church and state, remember? Choose a candidate based on where they want to lead this country, what their plans are to fix the economy and bring our soldiers home, how they are going to improve the quality of life for our children, our elderly and ourselves. And by all means, don't choose to not choose. If you don't vote, you don't get the right to bitch about the status of affairs.
Ok, I did get all political and preachy. Sometimes I just can't help it.


beqi said...

Good for you, chile. Of course, since W. didn't actually get elected, it's moot in this instance, but from now on, yeah. Vote, vote, vote. And if the vote is funky? Take to the streets. This is still a country for the people, not for Wal-Mart and Halliburton.

Jill said...

Another awesome post! :)