Thursday, February 28, 2008

Looting us fun!

You know its going to be a rough one when instead of looking forward to a nice, hot cup of coffee you're looking forward to downing some AirBorn.
Last night my MIL came over and wanted to take us shopping. Shopping with her is a lot how I imagine looting would be, only without the threat of being arrested. She whizzes through racks, grabbing clothes until her arm breaks under the weight, then its up to the counter to buy it all. Me? Well, when the clearance racks were as good as they were last night I grab whatever is the size I need and not butt ugly, then I find a spot and go through it all tossing what I don't like/want/need or doesn't fit, then I figure out the best deals and buy just those. Yes, I'm a little OCD. Anyway, Gryffin got stocked up on shirts, jammies and even big boy underpants. Not that he needs the latter right now. We just thought having Teen Titans and The Incredibles underpants would be a nice little bribe to sit on the potty more often.

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