Saturday, February 23, 2008

They make me feel like dancing!

I bought these last night and I can say that I have never owned a pair of sparkly shoes in my life. Until now! I'm not a sparkly kind of person, or a flowery person, or a person who is all smiley face with unicorns and rainbows. I am more of a black clothes, jeans and man part skewer heels wearer, that will give you the evil eye before attempting to smile at you kind of person. But damn, I love my glitter Converse tennis shoes! As soon as I put them on I felt the need to clip the MP3 player on and listen to some Gnarles Barkley and Blondie while dancing/cleaning.
If you are in a bad mood and grumpy I suggest:
1. Get a latte
2. Eat a nice meal
3. Buy some glitter shoes!


Ruth said...

Cute shoes :)

beqi said...

So cute! All the Converse stuff at Target makes me drool.

Anonymous said...

I love your sparkle shoes! I can see why that make you feel like doing a jig.