Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Albatross rears its ugly head

My poor SIL called today. Apparently. the old egg-donor called to tell her to email me to call 'my mommy'. Now did you catch that? Albatross CALLED someone to EMAIL me to CALL her. Yup, that makes as much sense as she ever does. Sweet little Ruth tore into her and explained the reason I'm not calling her, beside the fact that she is not, nor ever was a 'mommy' to me, except maybe of the Mommy Dearest type.
Albatross hasn't called because she knows she lied about me. If she knew she hadn't done anything wrong she would've called long before now to play a guilt card, of which she has an ever lasting supply. If she does grow the spine to call, she will find out quickly it was wasted time. If granted one, I would accept an apology and promptly let her know that my patience and sanity have run out when dealing with her and that I don't want her calling again.
The other night I had a dream that she crashed Gryffin's birthday party and Mike and I had to keep Beqi from punching her and Mike's Dad from shooting her. When I told Beqi this she told me to just say the word and that dream could come true. Man, I love my friends!
I love them so much I spent all day fabric shopping with them today. We shopped, drank coffee, laughed, made old men in cars parked across from us decide to park elsewhere because we were rocking out and heard more from Beqi than we ever bargained on. (Don't worry Beqi, I won't go into details on that)


Robin Up the Street said...

Shit! I totally forgot to blog about the "99 Luftbaloons" jamfest that scared the old man!

Called Ruth to tell her to email you to call her? Holy crap. Is the albatross a seventh-grader?

Ruth, since I know there's a good chance you'll read this, I'm sorry to hear that the albatross tried to eat you today. It sounds like you handled it well.

Ruth said...

Albatross is one-of-a-kind(thankfully!). I thought that it was pretty childish to tell me to email someone to call her. I set her straight about everything that happened at the hospital--she will always live in her own little world, but she has heard the truth.
I am tired of dealing with the insanity, too. She called us at 8pm last night to ask if we were going to be driving across town to bring her mail in for her... uh, NO!!! I realize that post-surgery she can't do stairs yet.. but I am not making a special trip to the petrie dish she calls a house to bring in her stinkin' mail for her.
I am just waiting for the phone calls today.. I'm sure that there will be another big crisis(or two!). ;)

beqi said...

Some people spend their lives treating other people like shit only to wake up one day and need some of the very people they've ground under their batshit loony heels. Of course, these idiots always--ALWAYS--assume their victims are just waiting around for a chance to save their tormentors, and are surprisingly disappointed to find this not to be the case.

I like to call this Karma. Karma is a bitch, and so is your mother.

Of course, if you ever say the word, I'll show her what a bitch really is. ;)

Anonymous said...

Eek! Well, It sounds like you otherwise had a good day.