Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I don't need an Albatross around my neck.

I took the Albatross to her surgery, stayed until I talked to the doctor who said she came through with flying colors (I tried to hide my dissappointment) and that I couldn't see her for another three hours when they took her to her room and that she would be out of it the whole time. I didn't stick around after that. I'm not waiting three hours to be a bell hop and then have to drive home in rush hour traffic.
Needless to say, she spread the word that I practically dropped her at the door and took off, didn't even wait until she was in surgery. Now I wish I had done just that. Next time she needs a lift anywhere she can call a cab for all I care.
I'm just sorry that this will probably put more pressure on my bro & sis in law. They mean the world to me and I've waited so long to finally have a positive relationship with my brother that I hope and pray they will forgive me. I just can't deal with the lies and drama anymore. I've never been able to make that woman happy or proud of me. I tried for so many years, wasted years. Even as a kid, I remember her yelling at me because I didn't do my chores to her liking. It got to the point where I wouldn't do them at all because I knew either way I was going to get yelled at. Screw her and the little crazy train she rode in on.
On to happier notes:
I have set up the secondary city inspection for next door and am interviewing a real estate agent tomorrow.
I was told by Beqi (my sewing mentor) that I did a good job on my purses.
I distracted an old man with my glittery skull shirt.
I started on a promised knitting project.
I helped a friend in need. Praying for you girl, even though you don't believe in that sort of stuff.
See, I'm not so evil despite the rumors.


beqi said...

I don't disbelieve in prayer, I just don't send mine to anyone in particular. Maybe Elvis. ;)

I greatly appreciate your help yesterday. I hope not to need it again, but it's nice to know it's there.

Anonymous said...

"make that woman happy"

She wouldn't be happy if she was hung with a new rope

but maybe if she could keep everyone upset and enslaved to her.

all those years ago when people thought the sun revolved around the earth- they should have known the world revolves about a single person or at least that person thinks it should

Woops got me started again. . .

Ruth & The Rest of the Family said...

AMEN!! We're tired of being drug down by all the negativeness that exudes from the Albatross. I totally agree with your Dad... the only thing that makes her happy is to make everyone around her feel miserable & having them cater to her every whim.
She called yesterday during the first part of the ice storm, but didn't leave a message.. so she's not getting called back! She knows the drill by now. I am sure that she is thinking that since she's home from the hospital that I can bring the kids over and cater to her while she recovers. I already have a touch of the flu.. who knows what I might catch at her house! ;)
We love you & don't think badly of you for not wanting the negativity in your life anymore. We're getting pretty good at ignoring Albatross.. so do your thing! :)