Monday, December 31, 2007

Holiday update...

Thank goodness Christmas is over. It was exhausting but a lot of fun.
Christmas Eve with my brother's family and egg-donor was a success. The kids got toys they really liked and muther left pouting like a child, as usual. She pulled another one of her antics and bought Gryffin a Superman cape after I told her that I was making him one for Christmas. Oh, but hers was made of hard plastic, vinyl and makes flying sounds. It also chokes Gryffin and puts him into fits when he gets it stuck on his head. But it came from a store so in her opinion its better than the humble one I sewed with love. I feel sorry for her that she still believes Christmas comes from a store and not the heart.
Christmas morning was wonderful. Mike and I woke up before Gryffin and had enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee together and look at the tree with its sparkling lights and pretty presents all wrapped and stacked. When I woke Gryffin up it took him a few minutes to even notice the presents or the incredibly shiny red drum kit set up next to the tree. He was more concerned with why Santa would be so mean and not leave any cookies on the plate for him to eat. Anger gave way to excitement when we pointed out the drum kit and presents. Santa was forgiven.
Mike took the week between Christmas and New Year's off and its been wonderful having him home. Wednesday when reality sets back in and he goes to work will be hard. For all of us.
Tonight we are having a New Year's party. It was planned to be at Robin's house but she's feeling under the weather so its going to be here. Nothing fancy, just good friends and lots of laughs. We are using this as an excuse to finally set up a bed in the guest room. Beqi and Eddie live across the river and through the crazy so waiting until tomorrow to drive home would make us all feel better. And its not like Gryffin already doesn't refer to the guest room as Beqi's already. That is where the sewing machine is so in his mind that's her room. Last night I was in there doing a little sewing and he peeked his head in and scolded me for playing in Beqi's room. I think my kid is smitten.

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beqi said...

If your child wasn't so darned cute, the crush would be much creepier. My child, of course, just got his foot stuck in a bongo.