Friday, December 14, 2007

Traveling to Brussels

Last night we took a little culinary adventure. I made beef stroganoff, which is one of my staples because its cheap, fast and low fat (at least my version is) but our vegetable accompaniment was new to all of us. I thought it weird that at 35 I had never tried brussel sprouts so I bought some. Growing up vegetables weren't prevalent in our diet unless they came from a can, which aren't really vegetables since all the nutrition has been leached out and salted to hell. The old egg-donor would only buy corn and green beans. To her credit there was the occasional bag of fresh carrots though. Anyway, last night I steamed a batch of brussel sprouts and I really liked them. They tasted like a combination of cabbage (duh) and spinach. The boys however were a little more critical. Gryffin took one taste and promptly stuck out his tongue letting the little sprout tumble from his mouth and presented a look that only meant I had scarred him for life. Mike's reaction was slightly better. He kept them in his mouth, trying to chew without them touching his tongue and finished all that were on his plate to provide a good example for Gryffin. Bless him. I won't be fixing them again for fear of my men sprouting picket signs and needing therapy.


Anonymous said...

Chuckle- I remember NOT eating them but like most things I've adjusted with the help of salt, pepper and sauce. Probably defeats the reason for eating them though.
Love Dad

poppymom said...

You know what makes Brussels sprouts really good? Cutting them in half and sauteing them in bacon fat.

Anonymous said...

I thought the exact same thing! Afterall, I always cook cabbage with a little bacon and spinach is awesome with it. Heck bacon fat would make shoe leather taste good!

Anonymous said... least you tried.

That's really funny that I stumbled upon your post. I just tried brussell sprouts today after claiming a long hatred for them. They aren't so bad actually.