Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Don't hold it against me, Santa.

Still sick, but on the mend. We were scheduled to get flu shots this morning but the only one of us that was well enough was Mike. I will just have to reschedule for Gryffin and I.
Last night the Monday Mommy Posse, kids and spouses were supposed to meet downtown at the Santa House to get the kids pictures taken together. But it seems we aren't the only one's under the weather. We will try again next week. Since I was feeling pretty good last night we decided to go ahead and take Gryffin to see Santa and get his picture taken. Only about a 15 to twenty minute wait, which isn't bad. Gryffin spent it racing Mike and playing with a puppy. I spent it dancing around trying to keep warm. When it came our turn the warmth of that little hut felt so nice. Gryffin saw Santa and was pretty cool until Santa reached down and put Gryffin on his lap. Gryffin immediately started crying and latched onto me with a death grip. It took a while to calm him down. Santa was cool, as he was last year and talked to Gryffin trying to calm him down. A candy cane, a request for a drum kit and some Superman discussion led to Gryffin calming down enough to be willing to stand next to Santa for the picture. Gee, my kid doesn't want to sit on some strange man's lap, I'm not going to get bent out of shape about it. Even Santa agreed that its not such a bad thing. I would love to paste a copy of the picture but I don't think our scanner is working yet from the computer crash. It will come soon, I promise. Next week when we go with the MMP Krewe the kids will get a picture of all of them together, which will be pretty cool. And maybe Gryffin will be a little more comfortable knowing that Little Eddie's got his back in case Santa gets weird.


Anonymous said...

"on the mend"
Good News
Love Dad

beqi said...

We're mending, too, though not quick enough for my tastes. This cold's a bastard this year.

And little Eddie will SO have Gryffin's back. You know he don't take no mess. ;)

Robin said...

We're mostly mended, too, and you know Mattie and Clara Jane will do some seriously beat-down if Santa requires it.