Thursday, December 20, 2007

Devil Monkey, Stop Throwing Wrenches!

Or "How To Not Start Your Very Busy Day"
It started off well enough, I got the menu for next week done, I got a good start on the grocery and errand list, I got both of us dressed, presentable and fed. I packed Gryffin's Day Out lunch and bag and took it to the Jeep, when I noticed that I had left his door open. With the ker-thump of my heart hitting the cement, I turned the key. Yup, dead. AAAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!
I called Robin, who shall be knighted and so named- Robin The Heroic, she threw on clothes and came over. The Jeep finally started after a few attempts.
There was still hope for the day when I got Gryffin to Day Out only 30 minutes late. Then I got to the parking lot. The Jeep didn't want to start. Oh, not because of the battery, but because I was out of gas. I limped it to the gas station that, thank God, was across the street and put my last few bucks in.
Hmmm, risk more wrench throwing monkey attacks and hit Sam's and the grocery store or stay home, clean, wrap Christmas presents and decompress? One means taking a two year old on errands tomorrow, the other means possibly getting stranded in cold, wet, snowy rain. I don't know which is worse.

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