Sunday, December 09, 2007

Ho Ho Argh!

The blue and green scarf is mine. Remember, its a first attempt.
The skull scarf is for Mike; although, I'm thinking of making one for me but putting a little pink bow on the skull. I'm already about two feet into it and just today I realized what a big neck Mike has so I am going to have to go get more yarn. Hey, he needs that big neck to support his huge brain so I better not complain too much.
I'm really hoping to have his done before Christmas so I can get started on Gryffin's. I don't ever think I will be as proficient or talented as my friend Robin but I do enjoy it. It has taught me a couple things too:
1. Football can be tolerated when knitting
2. Knitting keeps me from munching while watching TV
3. Always put my knitting away, otherwise a certain 2 year old will undo all I've done when I sleep in


Robin said...

You've already got me beat on doing colorwork! They both look great.

Anonymous said...

WOW, I think they look great, too! I was such a dismal failure at crocheting that my granny, god rest her soul, hid the crochet hooks everytime I came around for fear of another lesson! I couldn't handle one hook---I can't imagine two 'needles'! Congrats on your new skills!---Connie