Saturday, December 08, 2007

My scarf is done! Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm behind on the picture posting. I hope to rectify that tomorrow. Anyway, my scarf is done and I'm quite proud. Mistakes and all. I have even started on Mike's and bought the yarn for Gryffin's. Look out, I'm on a roll!
I am feeling much better. I can breathe again but I'm still hacking up gunk like a cat with a belly full of fur. From my collar bone to my hips my muscles ache and I have this terrible pain in my right lung but... I'm up, dressed and have ventured out into the public today.
We went downtown today to pick up some coffee, look at the gingerbread houses and get craft supplies to make decorations for Gryffin's very own Christmas tree.


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Anonymous said...

Oh Oh
No Espaniol
Glad you're up and going again!
Love Dad

beqi said...

Ah, the cold that Will Not End. Mine has migrated into my eye of all places. The scarf is awesome, but you guys need to start sewing, dammit.

PS-thought you'd like to know that my son has taken to calling me "Beqi", because he hears your son doing it so much.