Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Finally, playdate!

My kid was going through withdrawals. So was I. Today I'm hosting and have visions of all the lil' chil'en playing nice and quietly while the Moms yak it up. Yeah, I'm kidding myself on that one. I just hope there isn't any pint size fist fights or hair pulling.
Yesterday I took the Day Out opportunity to wrap some Christmas presents. After bringing Gryffin home, I was taking off my coat and putting my purse down when I heard, "Presents!" and the sound of ripping paper. Oh crap. They were all presents for Mike but it looks like I have some rewrapping to do.
Also, at Day Out yesterday his teachers gave him a Christmas stocking filled with goodies, a Matchbox car, a sno-globe and a few candy canes. Now he knows that presents come in stockings too. He already checked the stockings hanging from the mantle this morning and whined because they were empty.

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