Thursday, November 15, 2007

When you're two you can get away with it, not when you're 35.

Today's To Do List:
Take Gryffin to Day Out
Develop a menu and grocery list for the week and for the football get-together on Saturday
Grocery shop
Call the old egg-donor and wish her a crappy- I mean happy- birthday
Clean and laundry

I think that's plenty. Oh, one more thing! I have to call my mother-in-law to find out what to make for her Thanksgiving dinner.

Yesterday Gryffin was so proud of the fact that he peed like Daddy, standing up, that when we went to the Post Office he demanded to stop and see Grandma at work to show her the new tattoo he got for it. Wouldn't have been a big deal except for the fact that I just planned on using the Post Office drive through so he was still in jammies and his Spiderman slippers. But he was so proud of himself that I just couldn't deny him bragging rights. So I trailer parked up and took my kid out in public in slippers and jammies. I called Dianne to make sure it was Ok with her and she said it was fine. Of course, she didn't tell me that she was in the middle of a meeting at the time. They ushered Gryffin and I back to the break room where I was only expecting Dianne but was greeted by a gaggle of nurses. With my kid in slippers and jammies. And me in clothes not much better than jammies. Grrr. Oh well, my kid got his grandma fix, was able to brag to whole room full of grandmas about peeing standing up, showed off his new tattoo and charmed them with his well, charm. But from now on he's getting dressed before we get in the car no matter what. Me too for that matter.


Jill S. Wilson said...

The same thing happened to me yesterday... Mattie had just gone potty, and I wanted to get the kids to the park before it got cold outside, so I skipped hair and makeup & threw on some clothes. Of course, we then ran into my neighbor and her boyfriend, and the boyfriend and her son decide to join us at the park. Ugh. Not that I'm trying to impress him or anything, but still.

Ruth said...

Hey.. lots of us mommies are out & about on a regular basis lookin' like beauty queens! ;)