Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving warm-up/ blow-up

Last night we attended a dinner at Robin's. Attendees included the Monday Mommy Posse along with their respective kids and husbands/boyfriends and a few of Robin's other friends.
The food was beyond awesome. I ate until I hurt, then I ate some more. Mia had made and awesome pumpkin pie and home made whipped cream that Gryffin proceeded to to inhale. Robin's cousin Wendy made a Jello Salad that definitely was not for those under the age of 21. 31 for that matter. It was dangerous good.
The night was not without dramatics. I missed the opportunity to be called as a witness to them but from what I understand that's a good thing. I cannot go into details except to say that I will never understand rude, inconsiderate and down-right mean people. Especially when they are a guest in someone else's home. Kudos to those who handled it like adults and a big sloppy raspberry to those who didn't. I shall find your car and place one of my son's stinkiest diapers in your air vents along with a loving note that reads, 'Now that your nose is dead keep it out of other peoples business'. Yes, I am that vindictive. When you hurt those I care about I go into mother bear mode. And since I lose at physical or verbal fights, I pull out the psychological warfare.
Anyway, the Mom Posse will need their weekly sanity check tomorrow and I plan on getting some comfort food for it. I think we will need it.

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